Our Phase of Recruitment

Our recruitment support services is tailored to ensure that the most suitable candidates are selected for our clients.

Our value-added approach is backed by the use of proprietary software in the recruitment and selection process. We adopt a systems-driven methodology. We use the head hunting, Bellforte consulting database and social media approach which are executed in four phases:

Candidate sourcing

Candidate short listing

Candidate screening

Candidate selection

Our Recruitment Tools

Bellforte consulting recruitment services makes use of a systems driven behavioural assessment tool. This tool assesses individual suitability to specified standards for optimal performance. This can be used to drive key human resource management decisions such as transfers, succession planning and career profession.

The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

This is a questionnaire that requires completing forced-line choice questions that are imputed into a system software. The individual receives a full descriptive report of their behavioural strengths, limitations, motivations, preferred communication style and other components.

The Human Job Analysis (HJA).

The tool facilitates the process of identifying and describing the behavioural requirements of a job function. A report is generated from the questionnaire responses using the proprietary software which provides an effective description of the behaviour required of the job function. The tool evaluates job needs and considers the culture of the organisation. It also helps to match the candidates profile with the specified job requirements with the aim of achieving a person-to-job fit.