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Ok I am sure you understand how tiring it can be when you don’t know if a prospect is going to purchase your product or not, I mean it is safe to say that the feeling just put you in a very demotivating state compare to when you are confident that your product will actually be purchased. However, knowing if your prospect will become a buyer is actually not impossible, Believe it or not, there’s a concrete answer. It’s the reason marketers designed the buyer’s journey. 

The starting point is understanding what your services provide and what goal you aim to achieve as this is very important since it determines what content to publish, who your prospects are, identifying their goals, and challenges. The kind of content you create depends on the audience’s needs at different stages of the buyer’s journey. You may be asking yourself how do I build content, and how can I get it to prospects? Well, that is why this article was written to solve these problems. As a consulting firm, we have been exposed to providing strategic solutions to various organizations and we had time to understand that most organizations do not use the buyer’s journey in their marketing strategy.


Like in every Life business there is a walk between the starting point and the final destination. This walk is often referred to as a journey which might be short or long. The word journey is also applicable in the business world. The walk from transforming a prospect into a buyer is a journey.  The buyer’s journey is simply the process the buyer goes through to procure a new product.  By focusing on the buyer’s journey, you’ll have access to a vast array of quantifiable, factual data and you’ll get vital information about your prospects’ purchasing processes.  The buyer’s journey is divided into three stages

Awareness stage

This is the first stage of the journey. In this stage your potential buyer has just realized that he/ she has a problem and as they recognize the issue, they begin to explore the problem. Here they begin to find solutions to rectify the problem be it goods or services. The awareness stage is the stage to actually prove your existence. The goal is simply all you have to do is be in the prospect face and give them the right information at the right time. When you do that, you gain their trust and prove that your product is the best solution.  Some of the content strategy for the awareness stage include

  • Educational content in blog posts
  • E-guides and e-books
  • White papers
  • Infographics

Consideration stage

With a clearly defined goal or challenge and a commitment to address it, the consideration phase is about evaluation. It involves a buyer’s assessment of the many techniques that are accessible to them. You are still providing important information at this point to aid your customer in making the best choice.  After the prospect finally understands/ recognizes that there is a problem, the next goal is to continue to feed information about the solution your product can do. Here the competition is about selling your benefit instead of selling the features. This stage is about building a relationship by extending an engagement with the prospect. Here are some examples of consideration content offers you should provide to qualify your lead for the decision stage:

  • FAQs
  • Data Sheets
  • Product Webinars
  • Demonstration Videos

Decision Stage

At this point it is either you are in or out. This journey is more like a race and it all lies down to who convinced the prospect. The buyer already recognizes the problem, has information on the possible solutions and now they’re ready to make their decision and make a this stage all the engagement and trust you built is about to pay off. the work s already done and all you can do is expose them to some benefit and extra value such as:

  • Free consultation
  • Live demonstration
  • Samples
  • Free trials

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