The foundation of how organizations are built is formed from varying traits, understanding and mentality. of many, the corporate mindset is one of the few distinctive traits, that has now been modified into a form outside it original purpose. The mindset surrounding the corporate world is not displayed to the fullness as a proper definition for this term; Corporate Mindset has not been established. 

Like how the work of art cannot be termed, also you cannot totally define or wrap what corporate mindset is with words. This term is however expressed as it involves the state of being in an organization /film/company as the term CORPORATE implies.  

This Mindset that was originally made to support and drive the organization, you would agree with this article is now outmoded to a different view of what corporate mindset is being practiced today.  


 It is an unwritten law of the corporate world that supports the view of success and legitimizes authority which in return sets in mood, energy and strategies that drives the organization.  As a result, the goal is changed to “Pleasing my boss or Protecting my position and earning my wage.” (This was stated by Forbes). 

The kind of environment created becomes toxic and polluted and the mindset of employees is developed based on this background.  

Now, it is not farfetched that all you want to do is just survive in a world that fosters a culture of constant fear, egotistical dominance, and rife misery at every level of its structure. The corporate mindset that was originally portrayed by individuals/employee who are flexible thinkers, Risk takers, high tolerant and optimistic players is now distorted because most organizations operate with the corporate mindset of today. Hence the employee now choses to play safe by thinking short-term and making quick wins, by being constrained by the company’s policies, believing that failing is a problem, having low tolerance to risk taking and being addicted a sense of safety in terms of having definable consistent inflow of income. 

The corporate mindset is a huge asset but it is very important to work with a corporate mindset that brings out a better version of you. There is a whole world of joy, opportunity, and success, far greater than what the molded flawed rules of the corporate game has to offer.  And, if you need a hand creating a better mindset, we’ll be there to jump right alongside you. Talk to bellforte consulting Let’s go!

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