Educational Consultant

Job Type: Full-time

Date Posted: 2023-03-28

Company Description

Job Description

We are looking for a detail-oriented Education Consultant to join our team! Our ideal candidate has a passion for education and understands the challenges that parents and clients face concerning curriculum, student performance, school and college admissions, educational technology, and pastoral care. The right candidate must have extensive experience working in education, either in or out of the classroom, and should have a history of successful collaboration on developing educational changes or implementing educational programs. The right candidate should know how to gather and analyse industry data and prepare presentations for our clients that are clear, informative, and easy to follow.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
  • Post-graduate degree is an added advantage.
  • Two years of experience in teaching, professional development, curriculum implementation, or education consulting
  • Knowledgeable in current education trends
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills

Key Performance Indicators

  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Meet with clients to discuss the project and their expectations.
  • Act as school placement counsellor and liaise with school admissions offices.
  • Manage school entrance applications, requirements, and timelines.
  • Provide guidance to match students to various learning environments and schools both locally and internationally.
  • Ability to develop and present educational programs and/or workshops orally and/or in a variety of formats.

Key Skills and Attributes

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